Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tutorial for completing free offers

1. I clean out my computer with Ccleaner(cookies, internet history, ect). You can get this for free from Ccleaner.com

I make a new e-mail from one of the many free e-mail services on the internet.(I prefer to use g-mail.com) Sometimes if offers are staying in pending I will make a new e-mail for every offer. Be sure to use the same e-mail if you are doing daily surveys.

I pick a survey/offer from the 100% free offer list.

While completing the offer many advertisements will come up. I just either click no or skip. Sometimes you will have to pick at least one yes. When this happens i try to pick one that says free newsletter. Just try to stay away from the ones that look like a trial offer or a free estimate for something because they will call you.

I know I am done with an offer when I get to a thank you/congrats page. For most of the surveys you will come to a silver/gold/platinum offers page. You do not have to complete these but I usually skip to the platinum page and leave it up on the screen.

I leave the final congrats/thank you page up on the screen. I go back to cashcrate and submit the offer/survey I just completed. I wait for about 5 minutes. When the 5 minutes are up I close out all my internet browsers.

repeat steps 1-6 :)

I thought of some other tips to share. I usually wait about 5 days to try to re-do an offer. To do this, you delete the offer off of your pending list and then if it's still available it will return to your list. Also my last tip that I can think of at the moment is to just take your time when filling out the offers. Let the pages load the whole way.

Another thing is to only do one offer from the myinsiderdeals or brandarama offers each day because the rest of those kind will not credit.

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