Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Junk mail?/Phone calls?

I've been asked this many times from people, "Do you receive lots of junk mail in your e-mail or postal mail and do you receive phone calls?". The answer is yes and no.

If you don't change your e-mail for the offers you will get tons of junk mail. When you sign up to Cashcrate you can use your normal e-mail address. It's good to use your normal e-mail because you will be notified when offers you complete have confirmed and move from pending earnings to actual earnings from Cashcrate.

As for postal mail, me personally, I received maybe 3 pieces that I think might have come from filling out offers since i joined on March 22nd, 2008. After talking to some veteran members they only receive about 2 or 3 pieces a week. All they do is shred the mail if they are not interested or just throw it away in the garbage. It is important that you do use your real address information when filling out offers/surveys so that you get them confirmed.

Finally, I have received a few extra phone calls since I started this program. They were probably calling because I was either filling out surveys too fast and made a mistake(clicking yes to an advertisement instead of no) or it was someone calling from a company i had interest in. If you make a mistake and are not interested in the phone call, just tell them, "Not interested and please take me off your list". When i have stated that, phone calls have seemed to stop.

I have found some places where you can get a free phone number. I have not personally used these because i do not receive many phone calls now. I also don't know if by using these phone numbers if your approval rate on offers will drop. I heard rumors if your phone area code and zip code don't match up the offer will not confirm. So you can try these out if you want.


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